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Well being Writing " A Journey Home "

A Journey Home - a Friday Story to uplift

A journey taken, walked, run, driven …. crawled,

A harbour arrival allows for a deeper breath, releasing tension and I give thanks.

The ferry appears, a constant, faithful friend and I give thanks.

Take me home I cry, the relief abundant as a layer is shed, the tension breaks and I give thanks.

A smooth crossing, the mountains in the distance, a familiar sight of home; strong, constant, waiting, beckoning and I give thanks.

The still calm waters of the Loch, deep, unmoving, and yet ever changing, supporting the challenges of life, I could lose myself in it, echoing my heartbeat as it slows, relaxes and I give thanks.

The skein of geese spread out across the sky, messengers of homecoming, wings beat in time with my rhythm, beckon me onward and I give thanks.

The welcoming fire burning brightly. Warmth, home, hearth, journeys end, I breathe, and I give thanks.

Lyndsey H Greer - Calma Shore Positive Mind Positive Life


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