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Spring Updates - Well-Being Events, Workshops and Community Radio!

Its great to be out and about and delivering Workshops and being involved in all sorts of events, as well as my weekly slot on Dunoon Community Radio , so here's everything that's happening over the coming month

Hypnotherapy/NLP Coaching Sessions : If you are looking for support with Anxiety/Stress/Menopause Symptoms/Smoking Cessation/Weight Management/Emotional Eating/ Self Confidence and Self Respect or any other concern, then please reach out and give me a call, I have room for six new clients only during the month of May so call me on 07738175457 or email on or book a free 30 minutes consultation at One to One Consultation Call - Calma Shore (

Guided Meditation Class Dunoon Argyll

Guided Meditation Classes: On Saturday 4th May and 25th May ,Guided Meditation classes are running from 9.15am to 10am at Castle Tennis Club, Dunoon.

Embark on a tranquil voyage of self-discovery and inner peace with my 45-minute Guided Meditation Session

The aim is to transport you to a state of deep relaxation and mindfulness and to support you in your mediation journey.

As you settle into a comfortable seated or lying position, let go of the stresses and tensions of the outside world. Begin by focusing on your breath, allowing its gentle rhythm to anchor you to the present moment. With each inhale and exhale, feel yourself becoming more grounded and centered.

The journey unfolds through a series of guided visualisations and mindfulness exercises, designed to quiet the chatter of the mind and cultivate a sense of inner calm. 

Whether you're new to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, this class offers a welcoming safe space to explore how to mediate and give yourself time for self care and support your wellbeing . Join me on this journey to inner peace.

Please bring a filled water bottle, mat, blanket, pillow to sit on if you would like to sit on the floor, chairs are available for anyone who would prefer one.

Only £10 per session per person

To Book, please click the link for the required date:

Journalling for Wellbeing Class Dunoon

Journalling for Wellbeing: On Saturday 4th May and 25th May, Journalling for Wellbeing Classes are running from 10.30am - 11.30am, at Castle Tennis Club, Dunoon.

Discover the power of self-reflection and personal growth in our Journalling for Wellbeing class. This transformative journey invites you to explore the depths of your inner world through the art of journalling.

Settle into a welcoming space where you can freely express yourself without judgment or expectation. Whether you're a seasoned writer or new to journalling, this class offers a safe and supportive environment to delve into the pages of your own story.

Each session begins with a gentle grounding exercise to center your mind and body, creating a calm and receptive space for introspection. As you pick up your pen, guided prompts and reflective exercises will spark your imagination and unearth the wisdom that lies within.

Explore themes of gratitude, self-discovery, resilience, and compassion as you embark on a journey of self-exploration. Through the act of writing, you'll gain clarity on your emotions, desires, and aspirations, empowering you to navigate life's challenges with greater insight and resilience.

Whether you seek clarity, healing, or personal growth, this class offers a pathway to cultivate greater wellbeing and fulfillment in your life. Embrace the power of journalling as a tool for self-discovery, and unlock the limitless potential that resides within you.

Join me on this enriching journey of self-exploration and embark on a path toward greater self-awareness, authenticity, and wellbeing. Let your journal be your guide as you unveil the truth of who you are and the infinite possibilities that await.

Please bring your favourite notebook and pen along with you

Only £10 per session per person

Beltane Retreat Day Dunoon, Argyll

Celebration of Beltane Retreat - Following on from the successful event held In February for Imbolc, Caroline, Alison and I present to you the next full day retreat at Uig Hall in May!

Beltane (pronounced Bel-tain) means “bright fire” in Celtic and refers to the god Belenus. Beltane symbolises the halfway point between the Spring Equinox (Ostara) and the summer solstice (Litha).

Harnessing the power of women gathering in circle, our Second Release & Rise Retreat is an opportunity to tune in with the turning of the wheel of the year.

Release the old, what’s no longer needed, embrace the growth from Imbolc and call in the new to lead you through the coming months with focus and intent.

This will be the second of 4 retreats this year, all harnessing the energies of the Earth through the Wheel of the Year.

This and the following two events are being offered at a special discount too; see booking link for details

If you are looking to deepen your practice or start your journey with us we will be happy to welcome and hold space for you.

Your investment in yourself: £101 for the full day

To Book, please click on the link here: Beltane Day Retreat | Alison Fell

Well-Being Gifts: I am busy across Argyll and Ayrshire as well, attending the Holistic Spirit Fair in Saltcoats on 11th May, the Mind, Body and Spirit Fair on 19th May in Dunoon Burgh Hall, Argyll Gardens Dunoon Outdoor Market 25th May, selling my book, Thoughts from the Shore, shortly to be accepting pre-orders for my second book, Thoughts from the Hills, as well as a selection of Well-Being Gifts - Letterbox Gift, Coorie-In Gift Boxes, Plantable Pencils, Tiree Herbal Tea, Heavenly Chocolate Bars, Uplifting Wax Melts and more . All our Wellbeing gifts are being added to the website so keep checking in for more updates

#contents of the Letterbox Gift and Coorie-In Gift Box may vary depending on availability

Thoughts from the Shore Letterbox Gift £20

Each week I present a show on Dunoon Community Radio called Lunch, Laughter and Wellbeing . The show airs each Thursday from 1pm-2pm and is repeated on Friday morning 6am -7am . Repeats of my past shows are aired on a Wednesday afternoon 2pm-4pm .

Have a great month everyone and if I can help in anyway, please make contact




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