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Thoughts from the Shore - published at last!

Well i honestly never thought i would get here. I have procrastinated for years, kept saying "I must write my book". I honestly think my daughter was fed up of hearing those same words!

And then Covid-19 pandemic happened and my travelling with work was curtailed.

We were lock down at home, a home i hadn't had much chance to embrace yet, and here was a gift of being by the shore and seeing the seasons change and embrace the moment. The time had come to pull together a collection of my thoughts and link them to the seasons of the year which I love to watch change as the year goes through its cycle.

I have fallen in love with my new home, where life's journey has brought me, across the water, safely to a new harbour. I hope you enjoy my thoughts, the photos to calm and that you take time out of your busy lives to let yourself be taken away for a little while to relax at the Shore...

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