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Thought for Sunday - 25th April 2021

What a glorious week of sunshine. The water on the Loch has been shimmering like silver in the day and at night, so silent and smooth like glass with all the colours of the mountains reflected in it.

At times like these we can see ourselves reflected. When it’s quiet and if we are brave, we can really see the true self, with all its wonderful gifts and with all our flaws too. Learning to embrace the whole, loving what’s good, forgiving what you could do better is the path of growth.

It’s a continual path, the journey goes on. We learn from our mistakes, what we perceive others to think may not be right and that our perspective can be flawed.

When battles hurt us we build the walls so tightly around us, we don’t see the ways in which we push others away, afraid of being hurt all over again.

When you look at your reflection this week, see all the beautiful that is before you and let the walls crumble, in doing so, you can let love in and heal the scars.

Wishing you a week of love, hope and sunshine - both inside and out.

Lyns xx

“If light is in your heart , you will find your way home” - Rumi

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