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Thought for Sunday - 14th March 2021


The choices we make in life define us. A strong statement. Take the time to reflect on it, be very honest with yourself and you will realise how true it is in respect to your life.

In my time I have studied, written and delivered training on Emotional Intelligence - also known as Transactional Analysis - how you think, feel and behave in different situations and how you can manage your thoughts, your feelings and your behaviour in reaction. Not always easy, I agree and there are still times now, that I reflect on how i could have reacted to a situation differently. A wise friend of mine stated to me this week that we can't look back, its over. But I believe we can learn from it, and our actions and reactions to each choice we made and how we dealt with challenges life imposed on us.

How we deal with challenges and choices is character building. If we can self reflect, be self aware, and grow from the experience, our life will move on immeasurably.

So are you going to spend your life? Mindlessly playing that computer game for hours or scrolling through the notifications on your phone or are you going to get on with living?

Make a choice today to take the first step to make your dreams a reality

Don't twist yourself into knots, take stock, work with intention, make a plan and act on it.

You've got this and I'm cheering you on.


"Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself,in your way of thinking " = Marcus Aurelius

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