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Thought for Sunday - 7th March 2021

It’s hard some days to keep going, to dig deep into your well of self motivation and determination, continually looking at the long list of To Do’s on all your lists and not knowing where to start.

The thought of it all already makes you feel exhausted. Some days you might procrastinate, some days you find something else to do that is infinitely more interesting but the stress just builds as the list is still there at the back of your mind. I know through this pandemic I have felt times of not being able to focus, of extreme tiredness , dealing with Groundhog Day and having to dig deep into my soul to keep going.

Until you are on your own, you won’t understand being alone. No one due to visit, no one coming home that night and just the cat to chat to but then she is good company at least ! I always remember my mum sharing with me , after we had visited one time - “you’ll be ok mum? I asked. “Yes, she would say, “I just need to get used to no one being here again” I understand that now - your coping mechanisms come in to play as you arrange your day around jobs, exercise, messaging friends and routine of daily life. You are not lonely but you are alone.

Learning to face your responsibilities, whilst ensuring you are relaxing properly can be a challenge and yet so important.

Download the lists from your mind, split them up in to achievable steps, allot time to each one and plan a mix of time usage - sitting at a desk all day long isn’t good for your mind, body or soul. Mix in some exercise, mediation, chilling time - and slowly but surely you will start to achieve and build things you love into you life to make it rich and enjoyable .

Accept your situation, embrace it and love it - our life is a gift for us to live it to the full - be all you can be and if that is just chatting to the cat? So be it - as long as you are happy

Love and blessings,


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