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Day One or One Day

Life offers us opportunities.

Those times when we come to a fork in the road and we need to decide which road to take - you could choose to stand at the crossroads for sometime, not going backwards, not going forwards, staying still in your comfort zone, not moving and time passing.

But time waits for no man, and life challenges you to be authentic, to follow that road that leads you who you truly are, living your values, life challenges you to move forward, to make a choice before life makes the choice for you

You take out the notepad, the flip chart, the back of an envelope and start to write down your choices, your values, the pros and cons, fears being brought to the surface

YOU can decide whether to face them or ignore them, turning back to what you perceive to be the known, the habit, the comfort zone. You go round and round reasoning, debating, questioning, asking family, friends, colleagues....and then you listen to your intuition. Your intuition is the strongest voice that will always guide you right.

Standing in front of each path, or option, close your eyes and listen - what is your intuition, your sixth sense, your mind, body and spirit, collectively telling you - how do they react to each choice? Tuning in to the reaction of yourself to the options will tell you clearly what path is the right one for you to take. Backed up with checking sensible foundations is always also wise! You may need to make a longer term plan.

Your intuition is your whole self talking to you, not just your head or your heart. Use it always to understand your feelings towards situations at work, at home, with relationships, in life.

Learn to listen to understand yourself more deeply, your values, beliefs, needs, expectations, life goals.

My path split last September , I could have stayed still, comfortable in a role I excelled in, knew inside out but which could become more stressful and demanding as I stayed and strayed away from my hearts passion. I recognised that for me, this was the opportunity for change. A chance to work within my own community, to use my qualifications as a Positive Mindset Coach, Hypnotherapist, NLP Coach, Reiki Practitioner to make a difference to others with a holistic and Wellbeing focus for Individuals, Groups, Teams and Organisations, supporting cultural change.

The time is now to lean in 100% to supporting others, my community, to be of service and give hope in a world of challenge

My time to be Authentic

Are you following your Authentic Path? When will your Day One be?


Calma Shore : Positive Mind, Positive Life

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