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Authenticity - April Blog 2021

The Oxford English Dictionary states the definition of Authenticity: the Quality of being genuine and true. Something many people are discussing and considering more often these days.

I wonder if the thought of being authentic brings you a feeling of pressure or pleasure?

To be our authentic self in all situations is indeed the ultimate goal. But I ask you, how many times do you put on a mask, dependent on the company you are in or the place you find yourself and act out of character?

Like many, I have been travelling on a journey my entire life to find my authentic self. A self that is truly who I am and not what I think society expects of me - to say, to do, to feel, to believe. Trees, flowers, plants just grow. They focus at being the best of themselves and blossom in the best of ways. They don't worry about all the small stuff, they keep their intention of being.

I watched a recording of an interview last week with Oprah Winfrey and Maya Angelou. Maya Angelou was explaining about her own journey. Oprah asked her if she was at the end of her journey, Maya Angelou answered "I am en route" . I feel we are all on route, constantly learning. Indeed it is a choice through all our experiences in life, whether or not we decide to grow and learn from them. To really look at a past situation, we need to consider ourselves, others who were involved and really understand the role that we played, the role that others played and then understand that the actions and decisions taken at that time were made with the knowledge you had, at that time. We cannot always be wise before the event. Hindsight, as is said, is a powerful teacher.

And we must learn to forgive. In understanding the past, forgive yourself for your part, forgive others for their part - as hard as all this may be ( and trust me it takes practice and it is not easy), carrying around the energy of the past will weigh you down and you carry a burden that does not support you in becoming your authentic self and to be able to live your life to the full with all of your amazing unique gifts and talents.

Embrace your true self. I know for a long time, I tried to play the part, to please others, not rock the boat and allowed myself to be walked over and misrepresented. As a dear friend said to me, "If you act like a doormat, you will always be walked over".

Does any of this ring true for you I wonder ?

It is NOT alright to have your voice silenced

It is NOT alright to play small

Deep in your soul you know who you truly are and that wonderful, exciting, dynamic, kind, thoughtful, loving person is who the world wants to see and needs to see. It is the person you want to be. "Being You" brings light to the world that is sorely needed.

You are the author of you life, only you can choose to make it the best it can be in whatever situation you find yourself.

Be proud of the part you play in your life - being of service, looking after your family, caring for others, carrying out a stressful job, studying - you fill in whats right for you.

In all that you do, see it as something magical, unique, extraordinary or see it as mundane or boring. Trust me, it's all perspective. Shift your perspective to the extraordinary and let your authentic self shine brightly.


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