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Calma Shore 

Positive Mind, Positive Life 

Hypnotherapy: Neuro Linguistic Programming : Reiki Treatments; Positive Mindset Coaching

Hypnosis for Well Being

Welcome to Calma Shore Hypnotherapy, NLP and Reiki practice based in Dunoon, Argyll, where I provide specialised support for anxiety, stress, low confidence, weight management, smoking cessation, and fears and phobias. I understand the impact these issues can have on your overall well-being, and I am here to help you overcome them.

Using advanced hypnosis techniques, I offer personalised sessions to assist you in managing anxiety and stress, achieving your weight goals, quitting smoking, and overcoming your fears and phobias. My goal is to empower you to lead a healthier, calmer, and more fulfilling life.

Contact me to discuss your current situation and take the first step towards transforming your life. I am here to support you every step of the way.

Gift set of Thoughts from the Shore by Lyndsey H Greer, a novelty pencil, greeting card, an A5 notebook.

Books & Gifts

Thoughts from the Shore, Lyndsey's mindfulness book, is now available in paperback and hardcover. The bundled letterbox gift makes the perfect surprise for a loved one needing a pick me up.

Lyndsey H Greer hosts mindfulness and positive mindset workshops intended for anyone working toward their life goals.


Mindfulness and writing just make sense together. But getting started can be confusing, discouraging, and exhausting. Join Lyndsey for these fun and informative mindfulness workshops.


Through the conversations with Lyndsey, I was able to visualize my aspirations and face the doubts that I had and my anxieties and start to set down future goals for myself. It helped me gain the confidence to make a change in career. And now I’m actually enjoying my new senior management role within a totally different profession. Something that I never would have believed possible before my coaching sessions with Lyndsey. 
I worked with Lyndsey on some personal development following a bit of a crisis of confidence. Which happens to a lot of us women in business. Lyndsey totally understood and lead me through a series of steps which helped guide me on the way forward. She’s so easy to talk to and just gets it. I would definitely recommend Lyndsey. Her friendly understanding, personable nature makes her one of the best. 
Lyndsey enjoys writing short posts on inspiration, motivation, and maintaining a positive mindset in the chaos of life.


Lyndsey started writing short posts on her personal Facebook page for her friends over 10 years ago. These posts came to be known as "Thoughts for Sunday" and inspired Lyndsey's first mindfulness book. Additionally, these positive, mindful, empathetic posts have recently found a new life in her mindfulness blog. She takes pleasure in sharing her wisdoms gained from life experiences of her 50 years plus! Sign up for the newsletter today so you never miss a post again.

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Keep an eye out for all of our upcoming group wellness workshops.

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Scotland Through the Seasons

A collection of snapshots from around Lyndsey's corner of the Scottish shore.

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Lyndsey H. Greer

Well Being

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