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Thought for Sunday- 9th May 2021

Thought for Sunday: Do you ever wake up or realise that a song is going round in your mind and you hadn’t really noticed ? This week an old song came into to my head , I didn’t pay much attention to begin with but it persisted.

My Dad used to love listening to Val Doonican - now you young ones won’t remember him but he was a huge hit in the 60’s and 70’s with his guitar and he always wore polo neck shirts and sat in a rocking chair. There was something so homely about Val, and his gentle Irish sense of humour was endearing. Anyway I found the tune and of course, the lyrics were so pertenant to where I am now.

They brought home to me my distance travelled, not just physical miles but personal miles. My growth miles - the miles of healing and of understanding. You don’t notice them when you are going along but then something, like the song, catches your breath and shows you .

Take time on your journey to see how far you have come, often we only see how far we still need to go, but take time to reflect on everything you have already achieved , that have positively changed you, your lives and your outlook.

Give yourself credit this week for all that you have done and all that you do and be kind to yourself. Nothing worth doing is easy and the inner journey is the hardest one of all


“Where sun and wind play on a ring of bright water

That's where my heartland will be

The deer on the hill in the first snow of winter

The gull in the sky winging free

I wandered away from the dark, crowded city

Leaving my old life behind

And came to a place where a ring of bright water

Dazzled the care from my mind

So I live with the wonder of the sky and the sea

And I'll always remember who revealed them to me” - Lyrics by Betty Botley

Song by Val Doonican.

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