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2022 Resolutions Setting Your Intentions and Goals

The old year has gone and the New Year has arrived, if you follow the Gregorian Calendar.

To be fair, we can make resolutions, set intentions and goals at anytime of the year; for that day, the next week, the next month, year and on. But let’s start our practice with tradition on the 1st January and plan for the new year ahead

Start with the end in mind and work back from there. What would you like to achieve in the areas of your life that would make a positive difference over the year - health, social, financial, career, travel, study for example.

With Intention or goal setting, make it specific ( What is my goal), measurable ( How will I know I have achieved it or the steps to it), achievable (too big a goal and you can loose faith and confidence), so being realistic is important and put a timeline on it e:g: I would like to achieve X by Y date and each week I am going to do Z to work towards making the whole goal happen. Small steps build together to make the whole. What we focus on grows or as Aristotle said

” We are what we repeatedly do “ so make your focus positive:

positive thoughts, positive feelings and positive actions. Let yourself spiral up the positives to reach your goals, allow yourself to hit the mark and move out of your own way. Don’t let yourself sabotage your own dreams. Dreams become real when we act upon then. It’s the action that makes the difference - both positive or negative. So make them positive.

Take a journey in 2022 to focus on the positives, raise your vibrational energy and bring abundance of all forms into your life



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